1,500 Restored, vintage, digital images related to The Battle Creek Sanitarium. The key word here is "RESTORED".  This is my personal collection gathered over 27 years. Most of these are scanned in at 300dpi, at 100% of their original size, and turned into jpegs. Some are higher res, a few are 200dpi.  This website does NOT show these images full size, but you will receive the full-size images.  You will receive the unwatermarked images.
Royalty-free.  Use the images as often as you like, in whatever platforms you wish - commercially or private, video, film, TV, online, books, book covers, displays, products, whatever, forever.  In essence, they are licensed with only ONE restriction:  They may not be resold as stock images.  Your payment is your acknowledgment of this.
$5 per image - low quality or high quality, all are 5 dollars each to make things simple

HOW TO OBTAIN IMAGES: (This is NOT a digital download website - yet.)
1)  Make a list of the the “Caption” code number of each image you want.  For Example:  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s first image has this caption:  “JHK-1  Dr. John Harvey Kellogg”.    "JHK-1"  is the address code that tells me where to find that image so I can send it to you.  They will always be in the same place.   Move the mouse over the image, OR click on the image to get the full caption.
2)  Send me the list of address codes via the “contact” page – with any questions you might have as well.
3)  If you have all your questions answered and are ready to pay – use the “Donate” button to pay for the licenses.  So far I'm using Paypal.  That will change soon as well
4)  I will send you the digital images  via “” OR  if need be, via a thumb-drive to your address.  My  internet is quite slow, so I either have to drive to the next town over to upload and send them, or I will send them via snail mail to your address. I drive to that next town (23 miles away) 3-4 days a week, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  If the file is too large to send over the internet, you will need to cover the cost of the thumb-drive as well.  But it’s very likely that will work online.
WHY AM I OFFERING THESE IMAGES SO CHEAP?   Because the story of our health message and The Battle Creek Sanitarium needs to be told - both the good and the bad.  I use these images to emphasize how GOD has led in The Great Adventist Health Reform Movement and the amazing results achieved when we followed Gods counsels and commands on health.  Others may decide to use these images to tell the painful but true story of Dr. Kellogg's apostacy and how the Alpha and Omega of apostacy began with Him. Truth is worth telling - good or bad.
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